The evilest evil that ever did evil (remember_nomore) wrote in flamey_icons,
The evilest evil that ever did evil

I finally got off my butt and uploaded some new icons that I've made.
44 total
All are Buffy Fandom :)
No spoilers.
Enjoy :)
Yes I will take requests. and yes I will customize.


The rest are here
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I was wonding if you're still taking requests, or if you possibly know where I could download free software in which to make my own icons. Btw, I love your icons!
There really isn't any free programs but I do sell copies of Paint shop pro if your intrested.
That's what I use to make all of my icons.

Thank's :)
I don't have alot of money right now, but I am curious as to how much you are asking for a copy. :)
I sell copies of the program for $30. that's with shipping.
I also have a fully loaded pack with tutorials, brushes, fonts ect for $50.
Thank you for the info. I'm gonna see if I can round up some money. :)
love this comm' Im taking one and will credit you.